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Tylite's subsidiary Ptera Wireless is developing Tylite's wireless network system, including community NOC/data centers and POP (Point of Presence) locations to provide the connectivity for remote users in your new network. For more information on Ptera, go to www.ptera.net
Another Tylite subsidiary is Priority Terabit Inc., which is a CLEC for providing a range of services from simple telephone to full video/TV/VOD. For more information on Priority Terabit Inc, contact Jim Wilson at 509.927.7837
Business T1, T3 & DSL Line
Business T1, T3 & DSL Line has one goal: to demystify, simplify, and
streamline the often cumbersome challenge of pricing, purchasing and
implementing bandwidth data solutions.

Tylite: Illuminating the World

A new day is coming, and it's full of opportunity. Tylite is illuminating cities with modern network infrastructure to make the future a reality today. Tylite Inc. provides innovative design and system integration for high speed Internet, video and audio networks using Ethernet at 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps+ speeds. The company has unique experience designing, building and operating Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), Community Area Networks (CANs) and wireless networks to provide superior connectivity for cities, counties, school districts, businesses and communities.

With a Tylite network you'll have the future at your fingertips... better access to technology, clearer phone service, high-speed Internet access, video on demand, high quality video conferencing, audio on demand, an abundance of Internet appliances, ample bandwidth to provide HDTV, and much more.


Tylite offers a wealth of services to create the perfect network for you; from consulting services that help you determine the optimal network and provide preliminary design, to in-depth network design services and management of the build out and services stages.

  Here's what Tylite can do for you:
For Cities/Counties/PUDs For Schools For Developers

Tylite will change the world. Tylite will install infrastructure where needed to provide end-to-end connectivity.

  Let Tylite illuminate your world. Contact us at: info@tylite.com or call 509.927.7837


Tylite Inc is your value added reseller of RAD products -
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Illuminate your world with Tylite Inc P.O. Box 135, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 info@tylite.com or call 509.927.7837 fax 509.255.1177