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Tylite's subsidiary Ptera Wireless is developing Tylite's wireless network system, including community NOC/data centers and POP (Point of Presence) locations to provide the connectivity for remote users in your new network. For more information on Ptera, go to www.ptera.net
Another Tylite subsidiary is Priority Terabit Inc., which is a CLEC for providing a range of services from simple telephone to full video/TV/VOD. For more information on Priority Terabit Inc, contact Jim Wilson at 509.927.7837


Easy access to broadband networks will be a key differentiator for cities, businesses and individuals. Tylite architects the extensive implementation of symmetric broadband networks by effectively addressing the key issues of cost, regulatory morass and technology.

Why pay a consultant when you can get accurate cost estimates for free? Using Tylite's online cost estimator, the cost of an Enduring Fiber Network is right at your fingertips.

Many municipalities, counties and PUDs are interested in broadband fiber to the home networks. They understand that new clean industries are only interested in cities that can provide high-speed broadband access. While legacy DSL and cable networks offer limited broadband performance and upgrade capability, Tylite's design provides a minimum of 100 Mb symmetrical (both directions) connectivity to everyone. For those who require it, multiple gigabit access is available right to the business or home. There will never be a need to replace the infrastructure with "something else". This is Tylite's future proof design.

The estimator program provides a conservative estimate of the cost to build or over-build a new optical fiber infrastructure to provide a complete network, including the cost to each home or business. The estimate includes all fiber, all electronics, all placing and splicing costs and all engineering. Tylite has developed the best design for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) projects. This design, in most cases, will pay for itself with Internet connection (36% take rate) revenue alone in 5 to 8 years, and with additional revenues from telephone and video in much less time. Other designs generally are so expensive that high take rates from all three sources of revenues are required to reach a break-even point in 10 to 20 years.

Input is very simple.

  • Population of the area in question
  • Number of residences
  • Average city block size (Most cities have a core area - older part of the city - that is made up of blocks; if you are uncertain, use 350' as the default size)
  • Average city lot size (if you are uncertain, use 5000 square feet as the default size)
  • What percentage of the total residences in the core area will be served with aerial infrastructure?
  • What percentage of the total residences in the core area will be served with buried infrastructure?
  • What percentage of the of the total residences reside in curvilinear areas (areas that are outside the core area which are newer subdivisions not based on a rectangular block design)
  • The sum of "aerial" plus "buried" plus "curvilinear" must equal 100%.
  • Please include your e-mail address. The estimator output is intentionally limited. For a full output, please contact us at info@tylite.com. If you would like to make comments regarding the estimator please send them to: fbielen@tylite.com.

Please Enter the following information about your city:
Your E-mail Address

Homes Passed
Average City Block Size( one side in feet)

Average City Lot(Sq ft) Size

Percent Aerial Construction
Percent Buried Construction
Percent Curvilinear Construction

Illuminate your world with Tylite Inc P.O. Box 135, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 info@tylite.com or call 509.927.7837 fax 509.255.1177