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Tylite's subsidiary Ptera Wireless is developing Tylite's wireless network system, including community NOC/data centers and POP (Point of Presence) locations to provide the connectivity for remote users in your new network. For more information on Ptera, go to www.ptera.net
Another Tylite subsidiary is Priority Terabit Inc., which is a CLEC for providing a range of services from simple telephone to full video/TV/VOD. For more information on Priority Terabit Inc, contact Jim Wilson at 509.927.7837
Our High Speed Networks

Modern networks by Tylite have been implemented successfully in many areas. We're currently working on networks for school districts and cities around the Western US.

The company has tremendous experience in selecting the right network, designing the network, managing build-out, securing the best service providers and managing the network.


Here's an overview of the recent major network projects Tylite staff have implemented:

Spokane Educational Metropolitan Area Network (EMAN)
  In early 1998, a 13 agency consortium was formed to pursue purchasing high-speed network connectivity between and within all the education institutions, K-20, in the Spokane area. While the initial idea assumed ATM, the team quickly realized that the price/performance of a Gigabit Ethernet Metropolitan Area Networks was very attractive. The Spokane school district, SD81, 2nd largest in the state, had bond money available and took the lead. Working with the local power company, Avista, single-mode fiber was brought to all 52 schools and district offices in redundant loops. The magnitude of the wiring done in the schools was staggering: 300,000 feet fiber and 942,000 feet of CAT5 with 18,840 data drops Packet Engines, now Alcatel, is the prime contractor on the network and voice-over-network system. Tylite handled the design aspect of the network. NEC PBX's were installed in each school and in the central site. All phone calls to the PSTN pass through the central PBX. Voice over IP was originally used to good effect. Better performance is being obtained with a TDM over IP approach because of the District's T1 trunk replacement architecture.
  The results of the SD81Gigabit Network are very exciting. The school student database backups have dropped from 2.5 hours per school per night to 2 minutes per school. They have over 32,000 students in over 50 locations all with very high-speed access to the Internet. They have gone from an average of 5 phones and 5 Centrex phone lines per school to an average of over 70 phones per school with phones in every classroom and a T1 (or 23 phone lines) and a PBX per school. Full E911 support increases school safety. Telephone communication costs have remained flat with almost five times as many phone lines per school. This network also supports the use of video in one-way broadcast and video conferencing.
Riverbluff Ranch
  The Riverbluff Ranch project is unique in that it is designed to be the first residential project in the world without any copper infrastructure for telephone, data, or video. The first phase of the project consists of sixty-five lots of two to five acres, surrounded by woodlands in which the lot owners will have a community interest. The residences are in the half million and up price range, and are targeted at the emerging telecommuter market. Data services will be provided from a central Network Operations Center designed by Tylite, which will be tied to the outside world through a combination of fiber optic cable, broadband wireless, and traditional Telco services. All homes are designed to have at least 100-megabit access, and the infrastructure is designed to support multi-gigabit when it is needed.
  The Spokane Teacher's Credit Union (STCU) is a forward-looking company, which moved its data and soon its voice over to the Gigabit Ethernet network. They have four branches connected via fiber to their headquarters. They use Lucent Definity PBX's. Voice over IP did not work out well because of various issues such as problems with voice mail. Tylite has designed a TDM over IP solution that will handle all their network communications issues.
  Las Vegas' Clark County School District (CCSD) is the 6th largest school district in the US with over 250 schools. They are currently in the midst of designing a new network to provide enhanced services, faster Internet access, video capabilities, IP telephony capabilities, and more. CCSD wanted to be flexible in a district where an average of 10 new school buildings are added each year. Tylite has been focused on designing the video functions of the network, including video on demand features, security video, one-way broadcasts, video conferencing, distance learning functions, and other performance-oriented functions.
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