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Tylite's subsidiary Ptera Wireless is developing Tylite's wireless network system, including community NOC/data centers and POP (Point of Presence) locations to provide the connectivity for remote users in your new network. For more information on Ptera, go to www.ptera.net
Another Tylite subsidiary is Priority Terabit Inc., which is a CLEC for providing a range of services from simple telephone to full video/TV/VOD. For more information on Priority Terabit Inc, contact Jim Wilson at 509.927.7837
Customer Service/FAQs

Tylite can help you determine the right network for you, analyze possibilities, design a brilliant network, and manage the RFP process for build-out. We can offer services for your network, manage those services or train your staff to do so. The possibilities are illuminating. But in every scenario, Tylite is committed to providing the best possible service with brilliant ideas and people, glowing technology and dazzling performance for your network. If you'd like more information on a Tylite network, please contact our Customer Service Department at 509.927.7837 or email info@tylite.com


How can I have a Tylite network installed in my city, county, school district or business?
Contact the Tylite office at 509.927.7837 and set up a presentation. We'll show you the possibilities and work with you to design a network that fits your needs.
What if we're not sure as to the type of network we need?
Tylite can perform a network analysis document that shows specific pros and cons of each type of network in your specific location. This will provide a clear direction of how you should proceed.
Will a Tylite network improve the speed of Internet access, download times and ability to handle advanced services?
Yes. In some environments, Tylite's network can achieve speeds up to10+Gbps.
How long does it take to have a new network designed and built?
It varies on the needs, size and geographic area of the new network. But usually the design phase can be completed in anywhere from 2 - 6 months, with build out taking 2 - 12 months.
What about remote areas of my city or school district?
Through Tylite's sister company-Ptera-we can offer wireless access to locations in more remote areas. They can obtain the same service and speeds as those wired directly.
How do you suggest managing the build-out phase?
Tylite can identify qualified construction companies to handle the build-out phase. We will develop a custom RFP (Request for Proposal) to distribute to all interested companies, and can help select the right one for your needs, as well as manage the entire build-out process.
What types of services are available for a Tylite network?
Video on demand services, audio on demand, advanced entertainment/gaming applications, community-specific information and services from bill-paying to babysitters, local promotional opportunities and more.
How do we manage the services?
Tylite can do that for you-providing service providers and managing the network-or we can train your staff to manage the network and help you select the optimal service providers for your needs.
Illuminate your world with Tylite Inc P.O. Box 135, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 info@tylite.com or call 509.927.7837 fax 509.255.1177