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Tylite's subsidiary Ptera Wireless is developing Tylite's wireless network system, including community NOC/data centers and POP (Point of Presence) locations to provide the connectivity for remote users in your new network. For more information on Ptera, go to www.ptera.net
Another Tylite subsidiary is Priority Terabit Inc., which is a CLEC for providing a range of services from simple telephone to full video/TV/VOD. For more information on Priority Terabit Inc, contact Jim Wilson at 509.927.7837
Tylite in the News - Press Release 3/7/2002

Tylite, Inc. selected for Wide Area Network project by Central Valley School District in Spokane, WA

Central Valley School District to implement network upgrade utilizing fiber-optic connectivity

Spokane, Washington, March 7, 2002 – Tylite, Inc., a Pacific Northwest company, today announced that in partnership with Central Telecom East of Yakima, WA, they have been awarded the Wide Area Network (WAN) equipment project for Central Valley School District (CVSD) #356, Spokane County, WA. Tylite aims to be the premier architect of high-speed Ethernet over Fiber networks for school districts and cities.

The initial project phase of five sites includes the Educational Service Center (ESC), Horizon Junior High School, Chester Elementary and the two new high schools opening September 2002, Central Valley and University. The CVSD project includes the labor, materials, equipment, installation and maintenance of Wide Area Network equipment.

The ESC will continue to house the centralized network operations center and connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for the district. The existing networking equipment, connected over a network of dedicated T1s, will be replaced by fiber, Gigabit Ethernet switches and voice gateways that enable the transmission of voice, video and data services over a single data network. Upon completion of this project, each classroom will have a Gigabit (1000 Megabits per second) link to the district network. The district will also realize significant savings in phone costs by putting all intra-district phone traffic on their own network.

This fiber network will enable students and teachers to access future technology-enabled applications not supportable by their legacy network. In addition, administration staff will be able to email faculty, share files and download student records in a fraction of the time that it took on the old network.

The new high schools will be connected via a point-to-point fiber-optic network to the ESC, and will be wired internally with fiber to the classroom. Each classroom will have a phone that can be plugged into any port. The remaining sites will eventually be connected in a three-ring configuration, which will provide an alternate path for connectivity in the event of equipment failure or fiber cuts.

Central Telecom East (CTE), the prime contractor of the winning proposal, partnered with Tylite to co-manage the project. CTE will also provide inside plant wiring for University High School. Tylite will manage the overall project, providing staffing and supervision to install network switches and test the equipment. 

“We are proud to be working with Tylite and Central Valley School District on this project, and look forward to partnering with Tylite on future projects,” said Chris Cook, president and CEO of Central Telecom East.

“The award of this project to Central Telecom East and Tylite further validates our commitment to providing ultra-high-speed Ethernet over fiber networks, at the most cost-effective price point, to school districts, municipalities and public utility districts nationwide,” said president and CEO Jim Wilson of Tylite. “The telephone cost savings and ERATE dollars bring these networks within the reach of many school districts. Building off the success of our projects in Washington and Nevada, we will continue to identify and participate in opportunities for educational institutions to implement state-of-the-art Educational Metropolitan Area Networks (EMANs).”

About Central Telecom East

Central Telecommunications East, Inc., (CTE) is a privately held telecommunications installation company supporting education, healthcare, government and private industry. Located in Washington State, CTE provides planning, design, implementation, integration, maintenance and support for communications networks. For more information on CTE, please visit their Web site at www.centraltel.com.

About Tylite, Inc.

Since early 2000, Tylite has steadily been building a portfolio of client projects in the Western U.S. With expertise in consulting services, network design and buildout and service operations, Tylite has leveraged state-of-the-art designs and superior vendor partnerships to develop application-rich services and future-proof next-generation, multi-functional, cost effective networks for educational institutions, developers, municipalities and utilities. Tylite is a privately held corporation based in Liberty Lake, Washington. For more information on Tylite, please visit our Web site at www.tylite.com. 

Illuminate your world with Tylite Inc P.O. Box 135, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 info@tylite.com or call 509.927.7837 fax 509.255.1177